Inuits provides the full functionality of MediaMosa as a managed service, named MediaSalsa. Our extensive experience with managing large-scale, highly available and performant Cloud platforms is applied to provide customers with a turn-key MediaMosa solution for all their Digital Asset Management needs.

We take care of:

  • System and application management
  • Software upgrades and security patches
  • Scaling processing power, storage and network bandwidth, as needed
  • Monitoring and tuning of the entire software stack
  • Capacity planning
  • Making regular backups and restoring data when needed
You get:
  • A well-priced, predictable, highly available Digital Asset Management service

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A Case : MediaSalsa for Dutch educational institutions

Inuits cooperates with the University of Groningen (RUG) to provide MediaSalsa to the Dutch educational sector. Building on the powerful RUG-infrastructure, the SURFnet network and the SURFconext authentication, identity and grouping service, Inuits delivers a replacement solution for the soon-to-be terminated SURFmedia service. This service includes a front-end application based on the MediaMosa Site Builder that encompasses about 80% of the most frequently used features of SURFmedia.


MediaMosa is software to build a Full Featured, Webservice Oriented Digital Asset Management and Distribution platform.

With MediaMosa you can build a state-of-the-art, scalable Digital Asset Management platform which facilitates access to, and usage of (shared) storage capacity, metadata databases, transcoding- and streaming servers. A MediaMosa platform offers functionality for searching, playing, uploading, transcoding, as well as a fine granularity media access control system towards its users. MediaMosa is based on the Representational State Transfer (REST) architecture and is designed to support content streaming applications by providing a back-end-, audio- and video- infrastructure.

The main features of a MediaMosa platform are:

  • Delivery platform for DA's audio, video (and in fact any other content)
  • Streaming of any open source format (e.g. Flash, H.264 MPEG-4)
  • Transcoding based on FFmpeg
  • Flexible Metadata Element Sets
  • Access management functions on Media
  • Enhanced Still functions
  • Long-term archival support
  • Open Source under GPLv2 license
The figure below shows the flow of digital assets through a typical MediaMosa system, enabling producers and collaborators to provide their audience with a controlled, rich, fast and scalable platform for digital asset management and consumption.

MediaMosa Consultancy and Development

Inuits is home to the main developers of MediaMosa, and has years of experience in maintaining MediaMosa setups. Inuits can provide consultancy on installation and configuration tasks for small and large setups, geared towards scalability, availability, and performance. Inuits can help you with the design and implementation of customized MediaMosa features. These services range from full agile in-house development, to short-term expert consultancy support on existing development environments. Inuits also provides MediaMosa backend development services for adding new features and tools to MediaMosa.